Sunday, October 22, 2006

Something New, Something Blue...

Today was the day that I swapped off our Netgear FVS318v3 VPN Firewall/Router for the new version that I bought Friday afternoon at Staples - in person, to be sure that I got the "new" faster processor. I was very pleased that the switch over went very well and did not take very long at all. I even installed a firmware upgrade without disturbing its normal functioning. The old one I have donated to the church member who works in the computer field to use at the local Seventh-day Adventist day academy to be able to access the network from home via VPN.

What DID take longer was trying to remedy some issues with the new Westell Versalink DSL modem that I installed during the week when we didn't have any internet or email access. It turned out we didn't actually need a new one (I had inadvertently changed the password the modem and router needed when I tried unsuccessfully to sign up for another year of reduced fee DSL the previous night). But we had it on hand after renewing our contract last year and tech support told us our old modem was at fault (it wasn't) and walked me through the change over.

The tech left us with an unsecured wireless network (the modem includes a wireless router/LAN Switch/Firewall as well as being a modem) AND left me with user name 'admin' and password 'admin'. Grrr. I fussed with the setup software for about 45 minutes to get the wireless router disabled and the password changed AND get the wireless connection restarted.

In addition to that activity today, I have been blessed to get our lawn mowed and the leaves on the ground after the storm Friday night mulched into the lawn. After a brief rest (~1/2 hour) Jean and I tackled painting our daughter's room in the color that she chose this morning: (Sherwin-William's Reticence #6046).

Jean taped and I cut in after which she started cleaning the brushes while I rolled the walls. All together it took about 2 hours this evening. That doesn't count the hour or so this morning we spent wiping the walls down and mopping the floor to be ready for the painting later today. But it's done - at least for now.

My lunch is made for tomorrow and I've had supper and now I'm off to talk with my sister, whose birthday was this week.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Sunny said...

Whooee! That was one busy day.

At 1:36 AM, Blogger Allan said...

Agreed. Messing with new technology and home renovation in one day is a bit much.


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